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Western Sahara

A short but intense and deep journey that changed the direction of my life. Know the situation of Western Sahara, and the life in the Saharawi Refugee Camps in the Sahara Desert.

Western Sahara's Posts

History of the Western Sahara

Let’s review the history of the Western Sahara. The Sahrawis were for centuries a free and nomadic people. With the colonization of Africa things began to change and with decolonization the war came. Since then they have lived in the Saharawi Refugee Camps.

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Education in the Saharawi Camps

Today we will know the most tender part of the camps. We will be able to abandon the difficult adult situation that it is suffered in the camps and fly free in the innocence of the little ones. Today we will go to the Nursery, the School and the Castro Education and Integration Center.

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First Impressions in the Saharawi Camps

In the following posts I want to talk about the most humane part of our visit, what was, have been and is more important for me, the real part of this experience. First impressions in the Saharawi camps about the way of clothing, religion, Islam, the Quran and the way of life.

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Life in the Saharawi Camps

The best of our week on the African continent was undoubtedly the life in the Saharawi camps. We were welcomed by wonderful families and allowed to be part of their life and culture. We were treated like kings. And all this with a naturalness and a warmth that touched me deeply.

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Farewell of the Saharawi Camps

Today is the day of the farewell of the Saharawi Camps. We cross the Sahara Desert for the last time. With the gaze lost in the void, a reflection will come to my mind and will change my life forever.

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