Stage 2 The Way of St James
Stage 2 The Way of St James:
Pamplona/Iruña – Los Arcos

Distance: 72,18 km
Arrival: 20:10
Budget: 111’2€
– 100€ Rack + Panniers
– 3’2€ Food
– 8€ Hostel

The Stage 2 the Way of St James dawns, but not for me, not just yet. The first time I open my eyes it’s 8 o’clock in the morning but I decide to sleep a bit more, it won’t hurt anyone to stay in bed a little longer… I get up at 10, I have breakfast slowly and relaxed and I’m going to buy a rack and some panniers for the bicycle. Surely in no time the bike will be ready and I will be on the go, I believe, poor fool…

At 13:30, finally, the bicycle is ready. 100 euros has cost me the new features of the bike, and I was not expecting it would cost me that much. It’s 14:30 and I’m on the street ready to leave but without the credential. 10 minutes later I’m finally ready, this time yes. The Stage 2 the Way of St James starts.

My intention is to go to Viana and, if I feel strong enough, to get to Logroño. This is what happens when you sleep so much, you become a little bit naive. As soon as I leave Pamplona, I have to climb up “El Perdón”, a small mountain in appearance but that puts my legs to the test. Certainly, I can feel the weight of the panniers, the fatigue of the previous day and the heat of today. I suffer so much to get to Zariquiegui and I am still halfway to the top, cheer up!

When I reach the summit I barely have time to enjoy the views, it is already so late. At least now I will go down so now I will be able to go faster, I believe, but it will not be like that. The path is a gravel one, which makes it quite dangerous if you go fast, and it does not allow you to enjoy the descent. The route goes on and on and, after Cirauqui, I get lost for a few kilometers, what a pain! Finally, I arrive at Lorca and I have to stop for a bit, the heat is killing me and fatigue begins to take its toll. I’m starting to doubt that I’m going to get to Viana today… It’s one of the good things about riding a bicycle, it dissolves all foolishness and shows you where you are. A little bit later I struggle to get to Los Arcos, definitely, it is enough for today.

As I arrive, the first hostel I find is my shelter for tonight, La Casa de la Abuela (Granny’s Home), I’m way too tired to go looking around. A little dinner and a good shower make me forget the hard day. In the hostel, I meet Jairo, a guy from Alicante who is also doing the Camino by bike. He tells me that he is having lots of problems with his cheap panniers, maybe mine was a good investment.

It’s bedtime. I share the bedroom with 12 other people, mostly foreigners. A Frenchwoman who sleeps in the lower bed of my bunk warns me that she snores a lot. Although I get the feeling that she just wants nobody to sleep in the same bunk bed as her. I’m sorry, too late, I’ve already settled. Even though I am very tired I find it hard to fall asleep, and the bunk does not stop making a noise, where does that constant small crack come from? Wait a minute, it can not be true, it’s my heartbeat!

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Did you like it? Please, SHARE!