It’s super curious but I have no memory of what happened that day. I know I was there in front of the computer, that I found a flight to Australia at an affordable price and that I was considering buying it or not. The truth is that what I needed at that moment was to leave and go as far as possible. But I do not remember if I bought it or if I discarded that crazy decision to fly to the other side of the world. The next day I wake up startled, “yesterday I did not buy a flight to Australia, right?” I open my email and there is one which says yes, but when I check my bank account there is no sign of any mad action. I spend the day at times relieved and at times uneasy: “Fortunately I did not buy it … I should have bought it!”. A little later a notification from the bank dictates the sentence, I have a ticket to a new life.

For weeks I keep my new destiny as a secret. I do not want to tell anyone, not for the moment, there are still many months until I fly if I finally fly. My life slowly begins to improve as if the ticket was a medicine that was healing the bad time I was having. Moreover, I start or continue to receive messages. This time, again, from a movie, Into the Wild. The story of a young man unsatisfied with the society in which he lives. He breaks with everything and starts to pursue his dreams. I totally identify with him, besides being an inspiration. And the best part is that I have a flight to Australia and nobody knows, I feel determined to jump into the wild.

Little by little my secret ceases to be so, although most of the people I tell my plans to do not believe me or take me seriously. At the same time everything starts to go according to plan, in fact, everything goes better than expected. I finish my studies and a few days later I receive a call, I have a job from the end of June until the end of September. Couldn’t be better! And I would still have fifteen days to prepare everything I need to travel to Australia, thank you thank you thank you.

As soon as I receive the call something wakes up inside me. A little dream that I had always wanted to do but had never had the opportunity to make it happen. “Let’s see, I barely have time to do it, I will start working in a week and a half… what the hell, it’s now or never.” I need my father’s help and I think my request surprises him so much that he is not even able to say no.
– “Dad, tomorrow morning I need you to give me a lift to France, please.”
– “To France, tomorrow?!”

Since I bought that ticket everything goes well. And tomorrow begins an adventure with which I have dreamed so much.

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Did you like it? Please, SHARE!